Manhiça Health Research Centre (CISM)

Manhiça Health Research Centre (CISM)

Consultation date: 07 December 2017

Malaria elimination strategy

Malaria still is one of the major public health problems in Mozambique and in the world in general. For over two decades CISM trough research activities is looking out for solutions in treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of this disease. With a national and international merit researcher’s team, the center is positioned on the higher research spheres in malaria, covering the epidemiologic-clinical research and clinical trials of new drugs and vaccines, along with the monitory activities of morbidity, mortality and burden transmission of the disease.

Malaria and CISM

Leading 14 project(s)

Nov 2013 to Jul 2015

A Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Study of Eurartesim Dispersible Formulation in Infants With P. falciparum malaria


Partnering on 12 project(s)

Jan 2013 to Sep 2015

Targeting pregnant women to monitor malaria transmission

Jul 2014 to Oct 2015

Multicentre Phase IIb Study to investigate the efficacy of OZ439 and piperaquine phosphate co-administered to adults and children with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum

Performance of the HRP2-based ultrasensitive RDT: Field studies

Jan 2013 to Jun 2017

Pilot phase for the MAL067 RTS,S immunology ancillary study

Oct 2014 to Oct 2015

ECO-RTS,S - Cost of implementation of malaria vaccination programmes in five sub-Saharan African countries

Sep 2013 to Dec 2014

Introduction of Eurartesim® in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Ghana and Tanzania

Oct 2009 to Oct 2013

Effectiveness and Safety Studies of Antimalarials in Africa (INESS) - Tanzania, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mozambique