Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Leading 14 project(s)


Partnering on 22 project(s)

Jan 2013 to Sep 2015

Targeting pregnant women to monitor malaria transmission

Dec 2012 to Nov 2014

MVVC 2 - Field trials of a new combination malaria vaccine in West African Adults and Children

Jan 2013 to Jun 2017

Pilot phase for the MAL067 RTS,S immunology ancillary study

Oct 2014 to Oct 2015

ECO-RTS,S - Cost of implementation of malaria vaccination programmes in five sub-Saharan African countries

Ag1000G Consortium

Dec 2009 to Jun 2015

MVVC 1 - Phase I and II clinical trials of viral vectored candidate malaria vaccines in East and West African children and infants

May 2011 to Mar 2016

AvecNet Consortium – African Vector Control: New tools