The Haiti Malaria Elimination Consortium (HaMEC)

The Haiti Malaria Elimination Consortium (HaMEC)


HaMEC will develop, adopt, and implement an evidence-based strategy and operational plan for achieving malaria elimination; secure the additional financial resources needed to achieve elimination; improve and refine malaria surveillance systems to support decision-making and action; and reduce malaria transmission through implementation of effective community-based interventions that are tailored to the level of malaria risk in high-prevalence areas, ultimately leading to elimination by 2020. Specific objectives include:

1. Assess the performance of the targeted malaria elimination (TME) strategy as measured against set targets so that the TME strategy can be improved and adapted to address any operational issues that are identified; 

2. Document where indigenous malaria transmission has been successfully interrupted, as well as where it has not, in an effort to focus TME strategies accordingly;

3. Identify program and external factors that lead to the success and failure of achieving malaria elimination; and 

4. Track the overall progress towards malaria elimination in Haiti as a precursor to elimination certification.


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  • Dates
    Feb 2015 to 2020
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    • Dominican Republic
    • Haiti

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    Operational research
    Drug-based strategies, Elimination strategies, Indigenous & imported cases, Surveillance