Deployed Warfighter Protection Program (DWFP)

Deployed Warfighter Protection Program (DWFP)

Consultation date: 19 October 2017

Malaria elimination strategy

Deployed Warfighter Protection Research Program (DWFP): Delivering products that protect the warfighter from vector-borne diseases

The Deployed Warfighter Protection Research Program is a Defense Health Program initiative managed by the Department of Defense's Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB). The AFPMB oversees the development and fielding of new management tools against vectors such as mosquitoes and sandflies that transmit pathogens and against other pest species that can negatively impact military operations at home and abroad. 

The Deployed Warfighter Protection research program (DWFP) is an initiative to develop and validate novel methods to protect deployed United States military personnel from threats posed by disease-carrying insects and other arthropods. 

The DWFP research portfolio is concentrated in 3 specific areas:

  1. novel insecticide chemistries/ formulations;
  2. application technology and
  3. personal protective systems.

The program consists of a competitive grants process open to applicants from academia, industry, DoD and other federal government agencies. The ultimate objective is to find industry partners to commercialize products that are also applicable to military integrated vector management strategies.

Deployed Warfighter Protection Program

Armed Forces Pest Management Board

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