Consultation date: 23 September 2014

Malaria elimination strategy

Akros Inc. works towards strengthening national health systems in developing countries. Research projects at Akros Inc. cover topics based on malaria elimination and prevention, water and sanitation systems, health data systems and capacity building.

In terms of malaria, Akros Inc. partnered with the Zambian Ministry of Health to build an innovative system using mobile phones and simple decision support frameworks, capable of picking up malaria cases not otherwise found by traditional health facilities. Akros also developed the mSpray, the first GIS-integrated electronic data capture tool for IRS monitoring, to help countries precisely monitor IRS progress. Additionally, Akros works towards developing sustainable malaria elimination tools and strategies for host countries by staying closely aligned with host country counterparts and providing support in these areas.

More specifically, in Zambia, the national program has set the notable goal of establishing five malaria-free areas by 2015. Akros is therefore working with the national program to setup systems to monitor progress towards this goal and support its achievement.