malERA Refresh

In consultation with the community, MESA is leading the ‘MESA malERA Refresh’ process.

MESA malERA Refresh updates the malaria eradication research and development agenda (malERA) first published in 2011. The overarching goal is to update the multi-disciplinary R&D agenda for malaria elimination and eradication, which can be acted upon by the malaria community, scientific community, and funders to accelerate progress.

The goal will be achieved in consultation with six expert Panels which assess the progress made since the first malERA, examine current hypotheses, and identify the priority research areas which need to be addressed moving forward. The final output will be a scientific publication.

Panels will address:

• PAST - What has evolved in the evidence base in this field since malERA?
• PRESENT - What are our current hypotheses? What is currently being tested and researched? What is challenging these hypotheses?
• FUTURE - What hypotheses need to be tested? What innovation is needed? What are the priorities areas for research in the next 5-10 years?

The MESA malERA Refresh Panels each have a chair and co-chair who work with a Leadership Group that oversees the process. The MESA Secretariat coordinates the work.

Refresh Leadership Group

  • Regina Rabinovich

  • Marcel Tanner

  • Dyann Wirth

  • Pedro Alonso

Refresh Panel Chairs

  • Janet Hemingway

  • Abdoulaye Djimdé

  • David Kaslow

  • Fredros Oketch Okumu

  • Tim Wells

  • Elizabeth Winzeler

  • Dyann Wirth

  • B.F. (Lee) Hall

  • Chris Drakeley

  • Abdisalan Noor

  • Maxine Whittaker

  • Marcel Tanner

  • Simon Hay

  • Richard Steketee


  • Mar Velarde

    MESA Project Officer
  • Kate Whitfield

    MESA Project Manager
  • Desiree Van Der Mei

    Travel Manager
  • Vittoria Lutje

    Information Specialist